Resident Evil cosplay costumes Reviews

1.Resident Evil The Final Chapter Alice Cosplay Costume

In Resident Evil, Alice is kind, calm, alert, and heroic. She is experienced and responsive in the face of fierce enemies. With her own strength, she finally save the human world through hardships and obstacles.

I was very confused when I started this page, but I found my favorite Alice cosplay costume inside, and I didn’t hesitate to place an order. Transportation is very fast, when I received the parcel of this cosplay costume, I was very much looking forward to it. Then the results of the try-on are satisfactory to me, very suitable for my body shape, some details are also handled very well, no extra lines. Like wrister,Boots and other accessories are very important for the whole character to play, if the lack of one is incomplete Alice.

Overall, this shopping experience is very good, I feel the discovery of the New World, especially for the cosplayer, very enjoyable. There are also cosplay costumes for every occasion, Halloween, Christmas and various event gatherings are good choices.

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